During a photoshoot, Jenny reconnects with Jason, an old flame. As a misunderstanding and an awry thought begins to drill deep into the desires of the characters, this encounter causes feelings to be kindled and sparks to fly.

The story is a dark reflection on the chilling really behind the idyllic facade of suburban life.

Genre: Drama

Cast: Alice Lee, Stefan Boehm, Phoenix James, Shona Crooks

Director: Simeon Lumgair

Produced by: Quirky Motion/ Sandy Lane Productions/M-S Productions/WII Studios



Hush has featured in a number of international film festivals including Västeras Film Festival, Ozark Film Festival, and the Stella Polaris Mini Short Festival.

"Behind the perfect family facade lies a dark and dangerous secret."

Jenny, mother of the 2 year old Jaime, is heavily pregnant. She and her husband, Marcus, decide to have some family portraits taken by Jason, the photographer. To the world, they are the example of a perfect, loving family. The illusion shatters when Marcus is taken over by his shadow self. Jealousy and insecurity drive him to hurt Jenny. Despondent Jenny tries to leave, but ultimately finds herself trapped.

Here are some of the behind the scene photos from on set.