It's 2025 and the Water Wars ravage Europe. A notorious prisoner of war is on the run, pursued by trained killers. Cornered, he takes an old man hostage in a last ditch attempt at freedom.

Genre: Dystopian Action Thriller

Cast: Israel Oyelumade, Graham Cole, Andrew Harrison

Director: Simeon Lumgair

Produced by: Reel Issues Film /Quirky Motion



Derelict has featured in a number of international film festivals including Shanghai International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Macau International Movie Festival, Other Venice Film Festival - LA, Film shortage, WildSound Film Festival - Toronto, Marbella International Film Festival - Spain, Stepping Stones Festival - Bengaluru, All Lights India International Film Festival, Userfarm Film Festival, Pennine International Film Festival - UK.

Winner of a national pitching competition, The Pitch.

"I’ve just had the privilege of watching Derelict, fantastically well shot, great performances really high production value. I have no idea how they made the budget stretch in the way they did. I've really impressed with the quality of the film making."

David Oyelowo, Actor: Spooks, Selma, Jack Reacher, Lincoln.

"Simeon had an idea, he took the book of Philemon and he made it hugely different, very contemporary for the modern day audience. And it works phenomenally well. In the original book there is the run away slave, my character, and now all of a sudden he is in this world."

Israel Oyelumade, Actor: Pirates of Caribbean, African Snow.

"Look at what we have done here - its been amazing"

Graham Cole, Actor: The Bill, The Haunting of Harry Payne, 23 Walks


The incredible soundtrack for DERELICT is now available on iTunes. Moritz Schmittat wrote a fantastic soundtrack and recorded it with the Orchestra of St. Paul’s & The Robert Cross Choir.

Watch the making of the soundtrack here:

"Film scoring newcomer Moritz Schmittat (31 North 62 East, De Ander) composes an adrenaline-fuelled score that relies heavily on string ostinatos supported by a strong brass section, enthusiastic wordless choir and a significant percussion presence, emphasising rhythm rather than the theme. Strings, brass and percussion all blend to provide a rhythm that propels the music onwards only taking a breather occasionally, for example in the second track, “Immigrant Parasite”, where ethereal vocals waft by before the rhythm regains the initiative. It is with the final few seconds of the penultimate “Going Underground” (that features a beautiful solo vocal) and the final track, “Someone Has To Pay”, that the score slows in pace for – I presume – the final emotional scene. Orchestra and choir join forces to provide an emotional climax."

Alan Rogers - Reel Music Review

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