No One Reads Anymore

No one has time to read through mountains of text. That's why using images to tell stories is the best way to get through to people
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Imaginative Ideas

Everyone wants our attention, but few capture our imagination. If you want people to engage with you don't use gimmicks, or copy others. It's the original and imaginative that forces us to look at the world in a new way. That's why imaginative ideas underpin our work.

The Power of image

Images carry many shades of meaning and association,so composition, colour and design matter. The image provokes an emotional response long before people connect with the story. But the visual style should follow the idea and the story. That's why our films never look alike.

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Visual Metaphor

A great way to communicate abstract ideas and feelings, is with metaphors. This could be done with an explanation, or preferably done indirectly leaving the audience to make the connection. Either way we work hard to find the right visual metaphor for the intended audience.


Just because it’s been used before doesn’t mean it will work.

But, consumers don’t stop buying in an economic downturn. They just become more selective on what they spend their money.

Are you getting your message across?

We learn a lot from stories but not in a formal bookish way. Stories work in a much more subtle subconscious way. It’s as if we have learned through experience. They help us frame the world around us through metaphor.

Internet TV is an increasingly popular way for consumers to access video. Many companies are launching new ways to get web content on to the TV.