Value For Money

Value for Money from Quirky Motion on Vimeo.

Commercials have always been the domain of a small minority of companies. TV slots are expensive, and hazy targeting means that it’s only for companies with a general product. If you are small or niche, video was just not the medium for you.

Then internet video changed everything. With small set up costs any company can get a video online, the playing field has been leveled. But just because companies have a video, it doesn’t mean that people will want to watch it. TV commercials are forced on us, online videos are not. There is an imperative to make the video relevant and attractive to their target audience or there is no point. But if done well it can give smaller companies a chance to compete very effectively along side big budget competitors. Video can give a great impression and raise awareness.

You may have a need for a full blown production and we can help you with that. But it may not be right for all companies, that’s why we have developed new way of making your money go further, we call this micro production. This involves working about what parts of a production can be slimmed down with out compromising the overall film.

Because of the nature of the internet films they can be passed around and an indefinite amount of people can see it with no extra cost. Also unlike a traditional advert the impact doesn’t necessarily have to happen immediately. If a video is available people may discover a long time later. There are limitless approaches of how video can be used.