Internet TV

Internet TV is an increasingly popular way for consumers to access video. Many companies are launching new ways to get web content on to the TV. Apple TV was in 2006 giving people access to iTunes store, podcasting, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe on their TV. In 2009 Samsung lunched an internet enabled TV, and Sky have been developing Sky+. Later in 2009 The BBC will announce plans for Canvas, opening up content from The BBC, ITV, channel 4 and channel 5 web only projects are not planned initially but no doubt will be added. Whatever platform ends us working in many ways is irrelevant what is clear is that it won’t be long before some one cracks it.

How will this effect UK companies?
The TV used to be closed to anyone without a big budget, the internet has opened up new opportunities for new content providers and new audiences. It’s inevitable that as people begin to access certain types of content via their TV they will demand higher standards then they did for web video.

Having a video presence on the internet has some big advantages it gives you a chance to promote to people who haven given permission giving you fans rather than customers. It invites people to become part of your brand. It may also open you to to new audiences via links and recommendations.