Building Relationships for Stronger Families

2D Animated Public education Film. Directed, Illustrated and designed by John Lumgair.

Client: Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Genre: Factual

Director: John Lumgair

Produced by: Quirky Motion


Building relationships for stronger families

The Bi-borough wanted to communicate to families the importance of getting early help in preventing family breakdown. 

"Research shows that the quality of a parent’s relationship can impact a child’s mental health and long term life chances."

We decided to used real stories and presented them from a child’s perspective. Because of the nature of the message it had to be done sensitively. The characters were a simple design and archetypal in nature so that anyone in the audience can see themselves in them and make a deeper connection.

Cork board drawing


For the style of the background artwork, John crafted it to resemble hand-painted illustration. This was so that the brush strokes can bring some vitality to somber stories and a child-like quality. It was set in autumn, a subtle metaphor for the ending of love and the use of strong light to imply there is still hope. All the locations in the animation were taken from places within the two London boroughs. The colour pallet was subtly working with the brand colours of the children’s departments.


The music was composed by Xijin Chan, who’s ambient soundscape design reinforced the touching message.