BBC Concert Orchestra Learning Marvellous Machines Title Sequence | BBC

Title Sequence, Illustrated and designed by John Lumgair.

Genre: BBC Concert Orchestra/ BBC Learning

Genre: Drama

Director: Simeon Lumgair

Produced by: Quirky Motion


Marvellous Machines Title Sequence

The BBC Concert Orchestra in partnership with BBC Learning work with students from St Clement Danes School, Hartfordshire to composer a piece of music. The music guided by members of the Concert Orchestra, together with composer Fraser Trainer stands as a companion piece to Fung Lams piece Unlocking. Taking many of the same starting points as influence for the final piece. The story starts in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where Fung Lam chose a particular archaic padlock to be the influence for the work.

Charles Hazlewood is joined by the BBC Concert Orchestra and composer Fung Lam to explore his new work, Unlocking. Through conversation and diary entries which Fung recorded during the compositional process, they trace how this work was written from its conception through to the final version of the piece.   

Fung was commisioned by the BBC to write a piece for the programme, the first of a series of three works specially commissioned from contemporary composers. Taking inspiration from the exhibition of padlocks at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Fung's piece explores ideas of codes, secrets and locks.   

The programme also looks at an education project which composer and animateur, Fraser Trainer has been running alongside the composition of Fung's new piece, a project which also took this exhibition as a starting point.