BBC Electric Proms Introducing

Client: BBC Electric Prom

Info: A five part series following New cassettes. For More information see the New Cassettes website also viewable at the BBC site. You can see the recover/retreat music video we did here.

Episode 01 Introducing New Cassettes


Episode 02 This episode looks at the influences on New Cassettes music.

Episode 03 The band 

New Cassettes have been inspired to make a music video for their new single. The film is being made by ‘Quirky Motion’ and has its influence in the 3-D effects used for some of their favourite music videos. The film will be best viewed using 3-D glasses, which will be provided with copies that they will give to their loyal fans.

Episode 04 Tomorrow’s Planet Broadcast set in the late 1960s.

This is an episode for the BBC Electric Proms. The band, New Cassettes were present to illustrate the ChromaDepth 3D film technique and were seen performing and shooting their new music video.

Episode 05 selected five of the hottest new acts from across the UK to perform at the BBC Electric Proms this year. 

Follow their stories as they journey to Camden.