Simeon Lumgair

Simeon Lumgair

Simeon is an award-winning Writer/Director based in London. As a writer, he has ten screenplays and a couple of TV series on spec. He has worked for several film companies, most recently as a founding member of Quirky Motion. Simeon's portfolio ranges from music videos for Phatfish, Newton Faulkner, New Cassettes, a series of docs for BBC Electric Proms, through to a trainee Directorship on an ITV production with the accomplished Director Ian Knox.

Official Selection and Distribution include the following festivals:

ASIA - Shanghai International Film Festival. Singapore International Film Festival. Macau International Movie Festival. Tabriz Cinema Awards. Stepping Stones Festival, Bengaluru. WorldKids International Film Festival. Whatashort International Film Festival. All Lights India International Film Festival. Egyptian American Film Festival. Jeju Movie Concert Festival. Santa Dev International Film Festival. 2nd Asia International (Wenzhou) Micro-Film Exhibition. Chhatrapati Shivaja International Film Festival. Cine Hub. Africa-Asia-Europa Film Festival. Varsity Film Expo

EUROPE - Cannes Short Film Corner. Prix Royal Paris Screenplay Awards. Zurich Film Festival. Concours de scénario du Festival Du Cinéma European Script Competition. London International Screenwriting Competition. Rome Prisma Film Awards. British Independent Film Festival. London Film & Television Festival. Independent International Festival. Munich Music Video. Future of Film Awards. Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival. Festival del Cinema di Cefalú. Europe Music Video Awards. Marbella International Film Festival. Comedy Cluj International Film Festival. Västerås Film Festival. Nicomedia Film Awards. Suresnes CinéVille Festival. London International Monthly Film Festival. Shorts on Tap. London Rolling Film Festival. Lift-Off Sessions Festival, Pinewood Studios. San Mauro Film Festival. Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival. Geneva International Film Festival. 4theatre Film Awards. The Co-operative Film Festival. Pennine International Film Festival. Stella Polaris Mini Short Festival. Userfarm Film Festival. Link International Film Festival. Chipping Norton Film Festival. 50 Kisses Feature Script Segment Competition (long list). Golden Diana Awards. International Eurofilm Festival. Microchip Film Competition. Geofilm festival & Expocinema. The Pitch. Fanter Film Festival.​​​​​​​

NORTH AMERICA - Los Angeles Film Awards Feature Script Award Winner. IndieFlix. Amazon. Other Venice Film Festival. Toronto Film Awards Feature Script Award Winner. Asians on Film Festival. WeLike'EmShort. Viewster Film Festival. Ozark Shorts. Los Angeles Action/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Thriller Film Festival, Fanboy Film Festival. Grand IndieWise Festival. The Madavera Expojour JazzTimes Film Festival. MyProjectorLamps Short Film Contest. Brownsville International Film Festival. Wiper. Frame by Sound Festival. Vents Magazine Screenplay Contest. Enfoque, International Film Festival. Post Mortem International Short Film Fest. WildSound Film Festival. Digital Box Office. Cineplay Film Awards. Crossroads Film Festival. Industryboost Competition. Asians On Film Festival. FilmShortage Daily Short Picks. Vegas Global Film Fest. Festival Angaelica. A Royal Chance International Film Festival. World Impact Film Festival. Wisdom Tree Film Festival. Light Film Festival.