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Art, culture & heritage 

We've produced films and animation for the Ingram Collection of Modern British Art, Fiumano Clase Gallery, Lightbox Museum, Barakat Gallery, Royal Society of Arts, Aleph Contemporary and the National Gallery.

We've also worked for companies outside of the art world, such as BBC, Sony TV, Channel 4, Virgin Media, Peer Music, Caffè Nero, eBay, Unilever, HarperCollins, The Young Vic and the English Touring Opera, just to name a few.

We've had films screened in over 70 international film festivals and have produced films for Businesses, Broadcasters, Charities, Think-tanks, Education, Publishing, Art Galleries & Museums, the Music Industry, and the Public sector.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

     Edgar Degas

The French impressionist got it right when he expressed the importance of guiding perception. This is one of the reasons we love working alongside Galleries and Museums to help them engage with their audience through visual storytelling and starting the dialogue around art even before they step into the gallery.

There are so many different approaches to helping an audience engage with art. We're only just scratching the surface, but there are plenty of opportunities to develop the right type of content and shape it for each context.

Here are a handful of examples of our work within the world of art:


We’ve produced a series of films on artists for Aleph Contemporary. We also developed a podcast called To the Point featuring Jon Sharples (Art Collector, broadcaster & Curator) on Collecting contemporary art.

We filmed a live lecture featuring Caroline Milns (Zulufish & British Institute of Interior Design Member), Vivienne Roberts (Aleph Contemporary Founder) and Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi (JGM Gallery), chaired by Harriet Forde (President of the British Institute of Interior Design) at the London Arts Fair. And a series of interviews with Alistair Hicks (Senior Curator at Deutsche Bank) at the London Arts Fair.

We filmed projects in partnership with other galleries and museums, such as a commentary piece on Young Bomberg and the Old Masters at the National Gallery featuring Richard Cork (Art Historian).


Anikó Kuikka in conversation with Jo Baring (Art historian, curator and writer) and Andrés Clase (Co-Founder, Fiumano Clase). The interview took place at the Fiumano Clase Gallery. There was also a live stream on social media.



We filmed a series of clips for their annual prize, the Ingram Prize 2020, supporting contemporary artists. The clips were designed to be optimised for the Instagram square format. These films featured Jo Baring (Art historian, curator and writer).

Instagram Ingram


David Remfry at the Lightbox Museum, Woking Exhibition: We think the world of you: People and Dogs Drawn together.

Interview with David Remfry and Professor Jean Wainwright (Art historian, critic and curator) featuring: Susan Sarandon, Penny and Rigby 2014 The Blue Chair - Alan Cummings and honey Nickki Nichols and Wallis Ethan Hawke and Nina La Tasha Simmons and Kahlua And Blue.


Hellenistic Marble Head of Alexander the Great. This film was produced using high-res photos of the artwork; the Motion Graphics typography accompanies the piece.

This second piece shows a detail of one of Fayez Barakat's paintings set to music. This was created using digital manipulation of a high res photograph.


A documentary that follows a Korean illustrator, HeeYoun Hong, who is based in the UK. She explains the inspiration behind her work.


Making use of traditional film and animation can also be combined with new developments in 'Augmented Reality'. AR can enhance the visitor experience in art and cultural projects by bringing exhibits to life and providing interactive and immersive elements. 

Video projected and used as part of an interactive tour. 


BTS footage of the opening of the Royal Spring Water on Coronation weekend. More about this project here